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Our Eyeglasses
With over 800 frames in stock, we should have just the style for you. Every budget can be satisfied from the inexpensive set, to the extravagant and the highest end, the luxurious light weight titanium frames. There is a nice selection of children's and "tween's" frames too! Whether your looking for the stylish, the durable or maybe both, come in to Jones-Kapp & Joyce today!
Our Sunglasses
Everyone should protect their eyes from the sun's UV rays. We consistently have a large selection of sunglasses for both men and women. Help prevent cataract formation and look great doing it. Our polaroid lens demo will convince you of the ultimate protection. We also have a nice selection of frames with matching clip-ons or magnetic clips. Every frame can have a custom Chemistrie clip on, come on in and see our display at our office today!

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Contact Lenses

If you have failed wearing contacts from another office, call for an appoint and I will make you a successful contact lens wearer. Most powers in stock!

Low Vision

We proudly carry low vision magnifiers by ESCHENBACH. If macular degeneration is causing you problems, check out our selection of magnifiers. Some are handheld while others are stationary. Most are available with LED lighting and come with a lifetime warranty.